a brown skin hoe.

I have a confession.

Within the last two days, I've slept with four different men.  I can't recall two of their names, being that they were both one night stands, but I do know they were all fucking great.  If you haven't read my last post on where I'm currently at with regardless to relationships, I suggest you go & check it out.

I'm a twenty three year old, single woman.  No kids.  No husband.  I live overseas.  These are the days I will never get back.  So yes, I'm living it up.  Protection was used in every situation, so I'm not living dangerously, but I'm a grown ass woman.  A beautiful one at that, who's comfortable in her skin. Why shouldn't I enjoy sex?  It was made to be enjoyed.

& why am I even explaining myself to you?  I had sex. & I loved it.

So there.





You still here?

Good because I have another confession.

Everything that I just typed above is a lie.

& while I won't reveal the last time I've had sex, because I really don't think it's anyone's business, I will say it's been a drought.  One that I have purposely put myself in, but that's a different discussion for another day. 

So raise your hand if you read the above & instantly said 'Damn.  I didn't know BSG was out here hoeing.'  Or 'Uh.  So you're just going to put your THOT activities out there on the world wide web? Cool.' 

You may put your hand down now.

Double standards.  You fall victim to them every fucking day & you don't even know it.  If this blog was named 'A Brown Skin Guy' & it was about a guy & his sexual escapades with numerous women, it would be a hit with both men & women.  Why?  Because it's okay.  It's okay for a man to sleep with whomever he wants, sometimes not even using condoms, & be applauded for it.

I think the saddest thing I've came across is when I see women put other women down for doing the exact same thing a man has done.  Funny thing is, the same women who are out here slut shaming these 'hoes' are the same women trying to turn a hoe into a husband. 

Foolish girl, tricks are for kids. 

& for that hoe you're about to king.

See, I use the word hoe to describe men & women.  & I don't think it's cool when I hear guys brag on their dick.  I don't really give a damn if Keisha sucked you off after you smashed Tyra raw.  You're disgusting. & you can absolutely bet I will have no interest in pursuing a relationship with you.

A lot of my guy friends are married & I love it.  I love hearing them talk about their wives & kids.  I love seeing them being family men.  I love hearing how so & so was trying to get at them, but they played them to the left.  To me, I rather hear that, then hear about that threesome a dude had last Saturday.  9 times out of 10, the nigga is lying anyways.

While I personally couldn't find myself having a one night stand, I applaud any woman who does.  & my reasoning isn't because I'm afraid of being labelled, it's because I'm an emotional person, which I've touched on before.  I'm a female Drake, I'm emotional.  I can't enjoy sex unless there is a connection involved.  But that is me, I'm a hopeless romantic, remember?  I'm in love with love.  But majority of people don't feel the way I do when it comes to sex & there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.  I envy women who can have sex with no strings attached. I honestly do.

We have had their sex lives taken away.  From the beginning, we were raised to keep our legs closed.  To keep our vaginas on a lock, because if not we will most certainly be labelled.  I remember that saying from middle school;

Yeah.  The stupidest shit ever.   But this is what we're teaching our little girls & our little boys.  This is what we were taught. & it's wrong.  It's all fucking wrong.

I see it all the time on Facebook, between the THOT this & hoe that, it's ridiculous.  Why are we punishing women for what men do?  & the men who are out here slut shaming women, are the same men who have multiple babies by multiple women.  Why aren't we slut shaming them?  Sorry for being so vulgar, but you're out here sticking your raw dick in these women, nutting in them, & have the audacity, nerve, & boldness, to call someone a hoe? & you women are out here trying to king these idiots?  What the hell is wrong with you?   

When I tried to turn a hoe into a king, it was disastrous.  Dear Ex Lover proved that.  & while I have homeboys who hung up their hoe ways & who are now dedicated husbands, it's not the same.  They admit they were hoes in a past life.  They admit that the shit they did was crazy but none of them, & I mean not one, slut shame.  They don't give a fuck about what Keisha did behind the club, because they know once upon a time their asses were out there behind the club too.

But this post isn't to trash men, like I said, there are women who do the exact same thing.  & it's not cute, boo.  I respect any woman who can play these men like they play us.  One thing I've came to realized is that once you hit young adulthood, it's all a game.  A game of who can sleep with who? Who can 'wife' who? Who can get the most nudes?  Who's body count is in the double digits?  Who can give the most head?  Who can get the most head?  One wrong move & you'll have a scarlet letter on your chest until the next loser pops up.

This post is to let women know it's okay to sleep with other people.  It's okay if your body count is in the double digits.  In the end, it's your vagina.  Don't you ever allow anyone, especially a man, try to shame you because you like having sex.  It's no one's business what your body count is.  & no one should be judged for the amount of people they've been with.  Your character shouldn't be put into question because of the number of sexual partners you've had.  That's petty, childish, & a crock of shit. 

I refuse to be put in a box.  My sexuality is something I pride myself on.  Though, sometimes I wish I could have the ability to have casual sex without catching feelings, I've came to the realization that's not something I'm built for.  But if I could, trust & believe I would be a woman on a mission.  Exploring my needs & wants without caring about who could say boo-shit about it.  After all, these men do it every single fucking day.

I remember several years ago when I was in technical training school for the Air Force & I had developed a name for myself over a drunken night I had.  I didn't sleep with anyone that night, but I did say some very sexual things to some guys that felt the need to exaggerate what happened & spread a rumor that BSG was a hoe.  I call it the night of the red dress.

When I got back & my homeboy pulled me to the side to let me know what everyone was saying about me, I was devastated.  Me? A hoe?  At that point of my life, I had only slept with two guys.  Coming from a place where back home, I was a prude & known as a good girl, I didn't know how to deal with that situation & I counted down the days until I graduated so I could leave it all behind.

Those guys made my life a living hell.  All because it's not okay for a woman to enjoy being a fucking woman.  Every time I think back to those days, I wish I could go back.  So the fuck what if I did choose to sleep with anyone that night, who the hell are you to put a label on anyone's back?  & what made it worse was that there were girls who were adding fuel to the fire.  Girls telling other guys to stay away from me because I was easy, instead of telling them to shut the hell up & mind their business.

Sex is enjoyable.  There's no secret about that.  If you are practicing safe sex, woman or man, good for fucking you.  It pisses me off when I get on Twitter & see men discussing how low a woman's body count needs to be in order for her to be 'wifed'.  Just because you have a platform to voice your opinion, doesn't mean what you say is law.  & what's sad is there are guys out there who allow social networks to govern who they want to be with.  & majority of the time, they don't have shit to bring to the table besides several kids & a headache.  No thank you sir, you can keep that.  I rather have a man who cares about what's inside my mind, than have one who's worried who & how many have been inside of me.  At the end of the day, it's none of your business how many men I've been with.  The only thing that you should care about is if I practice safe sex.

& I do.

The older I've gotten, the less I've cared about how many partners my significant other has had.  It's none of my concern how many have been in your bed, I want to know how many have been in your head, who have held your heart. 

I find most guys lie about their body count anyways because their skill usually doesn't match up.  How are you claiming over sixty, but pumping like a jack rabbit?


Shots fired.

I'm just kidding, loves. :)




Author's Note

Whoever came up with the word THOT should have their ass kicked & thrown into a gas chamber.  It's single-handedly one of the stupidest things I have ever, ever heard.  I hate you, your mom, your dad, & your whole entire lineage.