allow me to reintroduce myself...

They say some of the best art comes from heartbreak & disappointment.   

I guess that's why my blogs are always such a hit. But I always seem to abandon them when life gets good, when things seem manageable.  

& right now life is everything but...

I've gone back & read some of my posts from three years ago & I can't seem to pinpoint where I got so off track... so lost, confused, & weak. I used to be so fucking strong. I used to be a voice of reason... logic.

& yet here I am, three years later, completely broken. 

When I abandoned this blog, I didn't just lose my writing, I lost me. 

I lost my voice.  

I lost my strength.  

I lost my logic, my reason.  

I lost my passion.  

I lost everything because I thought I had it all figured out. & I was completely fucking wrong.  

Funny how arrogance will have you out here looking foolish.  

Understand this though, I will find that woman who knew herself. Who knew what the hell she wanted--out of life & love. I will put those pieces back together.  

I really hope you guys are ready for this, because I have so much to say... so much to search for... so much to cry, scream, & vent about.


...this is really only the beginning.